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Why We Choose COB Integrated Light Source For New Marine Lights?

Jun 21, 2016

COB integrated light source that chip On board, it is will Bare chip Conductive or not Conductive adhesiveadhesion In the interconnect substrate, and then performedWire bondingTo achieve its electric connection.COB also called integrated light source COB light face


COB integrated light source has the following features:

1, can free collocation and combination, forming a variety of LED lamps and lanterns, convenient assembly.

2, high reliability, no dead lamp, no patches.

3, uniform light, the light is downy, no glare, does not hurt the eyes.

4,Color rendering indexHigh, high photosynthetic efficiency.

5, in the normal electrical flow, attenuation, minimum control below 3% within 1000 h.

6, safe and reliable, all work under 50 v, made full consideration for the application of certification.

7, the green environmental protection, no pollution.