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Road Safety Lighting-Solar Road Studs

Apr 20, 2016

With the development of economy and society, the construction of key highway to the mountain region is gradually progress, but because the highway is usually over longer distances, especially a lot of highway through rural and mountainous areas, so that the situation becomes relatively highway complex. Further, since the cause of fog when damp or rainy weather, the driver will feel a sudden vision dimmed, some drivers can not adapt to sudden changes in vision, will produce a sense of panic so easily lead to accidents. Therefore, solar road studs lighting is very important.

Solar road studs along the road surface is provided specifically for night or in rain and fog weather, indicating the direction of the road ahead, it is composed of retro-reflective material, housing, solar panels, LED, control device, has a light-emitting active and passive reflective properties visual inducing facilities, usually in combination with the marking.

Solar road studs in the evening in some flashes, but human vision is more sensitive to changes, so the dynamic is very strong warning. Active light rain and fog can not only avoid the interference maximum extent possible, and be freed from dependence on the car lights, visual distance farther, the better. Solar road studs in rain and fog weather and road contour outlined in the corners, the driver's line of sight and thus induce the elimination of security risks has played a very important role