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Multiple Function HAN700 Solar Light

May 06, 2016

With the development of technology, solar energy increasingly popular because it is easy to apply energy and inexhaustible. Our company is specialized in solar lighting products. Variety, can provide different application areas corresponding to the different models. With good quality and excellent service, our company has been very popular with global customers in different countries in favor of China.

All products, sales and word of mouth is the best HAN700, this lamp in addition to high-quality and water resistance, but also the appearance of many customers like it. At the same time, this solar energy have five colors can choose, light intensity and operating mode can also be self-regulation. It's very broad application areas, such as: maritime, airports, boats, barges, police pavilion, telecommunications towers, high buildings, road safety warning and other applications. Therefore, as long as you need, I believe we can give you.