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Glide Path Lighting System And Rules

May 20, 2016

1. Taxiway Center Line Light: the color of the light is GREEN, spacing is generally less than 60 meters, the beam size only from the taxiway, or in the vicinity of the aircraft to visible light. Taxiway center line lights for drivers in the runway center line and downtime between provide continuous sliding guide.

Note: in some airports, in order to guarantee running in low visibility, on the runway exit taxiways and runways installation taxi lights. This part of the taxi lights as standard taxi routes color is GREEN and YELLOW alternate.


2. Taxiway Edge Light: installed on both sides of the taxiway edge or edge distance of not more than 3 meters. Taxiway edge lights color is BLUE. The uniform distribution.

3. Stop Row Light: stop row of light is toward reaching the runway direction one-way light of RED light, set in on the taxiway requirements to stop the plane waiting through licensing, the distance of 3M, across the taxiway.Controlled by the ATC,

Note: stop the row of lights, said the prohibition of traffic, put out the license to pass. The correct recognition to stop the row of lights can effectively prevent the runway invasion.


4. Middle Position Light: the middle of the waiting position lamp is symmetrical in the middle of the slide way and its right angle, the design is toward the direction of the middle of the direction of the middle of the CONSTANT YELLOW light.

Note: the middle of the waiting position lamp is mainly used in the runway visual range below 350 m in the case of running, to help the driver to identify the middle of the waiting position.


5. Deicing / Anti ice Export Facilities Light: in addition to the ice / anti ice export facilities lamp set in near distance taxiway deicing / anti icing facilities of the exit boundary and towards reaching the exit boundary direction CONSTANT YELLOW light.


6. Runway Guard Light: runway guard light beam is one-way and aligned with the direction of the slide for the location of the aircraft pilot can see, used as a warning to manipulate the aircraft of the driver and the driver of the vehicle driver on the taxiway, they will enter an active runway.

Note: there are two kinds of standard configuration, A type runway warning lights and B type runway warning lights:

The A. A type runway warning light is arranged on both sides of the slide way, and is composed of two pairs of YELLOW lamps.

The B. B type runway warning lamp is arranged in the cross slide way, and is composed of a yellow lamp which is a distance of 3 m across the sliding path. The adjacent lamp in the lamp is alternately illuminated, and the separated light is illuminated at the same time.


The application scheme of our products for your reference.