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23 Cartons HAN317 Export To Chile

Aug 22, 2019

What is our HAN-SWL317 (HAN317)

HAN317-RHAN317-Metal HAN317-Y


  • Active luminous: super bright LED and vacuum aluminum plating reflection lens. To make the driver have stronger visual impact and drive more carefully .

  • High quality: anti-aging and waterproof plastic (ultrasonic welding), wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance.

  • Easily install : You can install it on traffic cone ,guardrail ,car or road side isolation fence. 

Size : 90*156mm

Color: red yellow white blue green

Battery: high effective Lithium battery

Solar cell: class A high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon

Light way:  slow flash 60 times/min

Luminous part: 6 pieces super bright special  φ10LED,Vacuum plating reflective lamp cup and high reflective lens

Full charge time:12-20 hours (luminous under 100,000lux)

Auto-light control:100-300lux star-up control, on-off operation of a mandatory power

Waterproof:IP66 (waterproof in raining)

Working time: not a illumination , more than 80-120 hours continuous lighting.

Using temperature;-20℃~80℃

Visual distance;>1000meters

Warranty: 1 year

Life : 5 years