Marine Navigation Light

Marine Navigation Light
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    Led navigation light are mainly used for barges and yachets and other ships. we install them at starboards, stern, and port and masthead.

1.Product Parameters
Your Environment
You function in an environment where reliability is not an option - equipment must perform. Your operations necessitate the highest levels of efficiency, durability and reliability.
Your Challenge
Remote offshore locations make traditional electrical grid solutions impossible to implement and fuel-powered generators expensive to operate and maintain. You need a system that can operate independently of the electrical grid, and provide a reliable, durable and low maintenance source of power.

1-2.5NM visibility range, completely sealed, waterproof IP68.  self contained, Used for barges,offshore oil gas plateform,,aquaculture and fishery, marine aids to navigation.
1 IALA compliant
2.Autonomy time up to 20 rainy days
3.Nominal night range 1-2.5nm
4.All colors
5.UV resistant PC lens
6.Solar powered, no cables
7.Maintenance free
8.Easy-to install, takes minutes
9.Self contained&compact
10.Completely waterproof IP68

2-3.5NM  Visibility range, waterproof IP68.Completely self contained. Adjust brightness at four levels, 25%,50%,75% 100%. Adjust flashing pattern to steady-on pattern
1.IALA Compliant
2.Visibility range:2-3nm
3.Resist 15-20 rainy days.
4.Red, yellow, green, white, blue
5.UV Resistant PC lens
6.Maintenance free
7.completely waterproof IP68
1.AC220V power
2.Used for port, starboard, stern,anchor

3-4NM Visibility range, completely sealed waterproof IP68, Remote controller
1 IALA Compliant
2.Visibility range:3-5nm
3.Resist 20 rainy days.
4.Red, yellow, green, white, blue
5.UV Resistant PC lens
6 Maintenance free
7 completely waterproof IP68

1.Magnet base
2.Without remote controller
3.AC220v power
4.Remote controlled range:1km

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