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Solar Marine Navigation Light Used For Barges

Apr 29, 2016

Self-propelled barge itself has no ability to require tug boat towing or pushing cargo. Which is characterized by simple equipment, shallow draft, large cargo. Barge general non-motorized boats, and tugs or pushers barge fleet composition, navigable waterway in the narrow and shallow channel, and according to the requirements of the transport of goods grouped at any time, for the transport of goods between inland ports.

Because there is no self-propelled barges, tugs in the process of being so, lighting tools played a crucial role in lighting can prevent the goods from being scratched, damage, and to remind the safe navigation of other vessels. Our newly developed HAN700 solar marine navigation navigation light is used in specialized barges, harbor and boat lighting, its tightness, water resistance is very strong, it has received the favor of customers from different countries.

Also,our produce department are do our best to improve and developed more advantages of this solar marine navigation light,i believe that we can meet all detailed requirements of our different customers in the near future.