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Marine navigation light

Apr 22, 2016

The ship's navigation lights for the display of navigation or mooring state, may represent the size of the sailing ship at night and direction of the boat. Therefore, to ensure safe navigation of ships in the night some beacon mounted on a class of traffic warning lights.

It sends a predetermined color in the night lights and flash frequency, reaching a predetermined irradiation angle and distance visibility. Use beacon lights on the main power supply is the battery pack. Solar battery have also been successful in many inaccessible small lighthouse use, and equipped with light control switch, according to the amount of change in control of sunshine lights start off.

In addition, navigation lights lamp contains more example: masthead light, sidelights (port and starboard), tail lights, bow lights, round lights, masthead light flash and so on. XIAN Greenwood New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. engaged in many superior quality of solar marine navigation lighting for more than 15 years,, has a wealth of experience in production and export, so we can offer customers the right solution according to the different needs of customers.