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Installation Of Solar Road Studs

May 04, 2016

Our company's production and sales of solar road studs for many years, has a wealth of experience in production and exports. At the same time, because solar road studs has many uses, such as: road lighting, yurts, tents, gardens, courtyards, parks and other outdoor lighting. Therefore, the demand is increasing. At present, our company is also constantly innovate and develop more different styles, types of solar spike lamp to meet more needs of more customers.

About installing solar spike lamp listed below:

1, more than four lanes back and forth, but the middle section of the road without isolation with low-light and night;

2, the crossroads / zebra crossing point (deceleration prompt);

3, sharp turns road;

4, foggy zone (beach, airport road);

5, no streetlights and highway roads;

6, overhead and the tunnel entrance and exit of the guide wire position;

7, the vehicle shunt (horizontal triangle surrounding);

8, rail exit ramp;

9, toll lane line;

10, accident-prone area;

11, city sidewalks, parks, paths and other sites need to beautify the night road.

Our solar road studs base is made of high quality aluminum material, so it is durable, economical and practical, High-tech environmental protection, energy saving.

And charging mode uses a solar charging, time-saving and easier to operate.