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HAN700 Solar Aviation Obstruction Light

Jun 06, 2016

High building obstruction lights, also known as aviation obstruction lights, according to national standards, top up their ground 45 meters above the high-rise buildings must set the beacon lights. For general lighting purposes with distinction, beacon lights lit but not long flash, flash frequency of not less than 20 times per minute, not more than 70 times per minute. That we usually see on the building or the tower to see the flashing red light, indicating its main role is the role of aircraft, aircraft, acts like a beacon at sea.

HAN700 solar aviation obstruction light is the most popular models in our company,it is consist of 16pcs led and high quality PC lens and the best sealing base with IP68 waterproof.In the past years,many clients bought this model and used it for many different areas,especially used for high building and tower lighting etc.So,the superior quality and widely applications make the HAN700 solar light got a good evaluation and a lot of orders.