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Feature Of Our Lights

Jun 02, 2016


1) Nominal night visibility:3.6km-6.3km (2nm-3.5nm)

2) Compliance with IALA color(red,white,yellow,green,blue).Turn on at dust and turn off at dawn automatically.

3) Completely self containt,no cables,no people management.

4) Waterproof and shock resistant

5) Nearly recharge themselves at nearly all kinds of conditions.

6) Automony time:steady on model:120 hours; flashing model:230hours.

7) Can be ordered in steady-on or flash patterns.

 8) With built in NiMH battery, easy for replace

 9) Integrated design, enabling a rugged and completely waterproof seal capable of prolonged and deep immersion (IP68).



1.For airport taxiway,runway, threshold / Marine

2.Solar powered LED lighting.

3.Visibility range: 5km

4.Autonomy: 10 days.

5.Autonomy time:10 cloudy days

6.Visibility range:4-5km



1). As attached, end users can switch on and off the light.

2). End users can adjust the intenstiy from 25% 50% 75% 100%

3). End users can adjust from FLASH to STEADY ON.

4). Bigger size. means more powful both at night range or resisting rainy days and brightness.

5). Very easy operation for end users.

6).Visual range:>8~15km (4.5-8NM)