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Boat Light You Should To Know

Jun 15, 2016

Navigation lights represent the position and orientation of sailing ship lamps. There masthead light, sidelights and taillights three kinds.


Masthead light: a mast mounted fore and aft center line of the boat is located on top, in front of 225 ° arc of the horizon display continuous white light, visibility distance of 2 to 6 nautical miles.

Sidelights: representing the red and green starboard port side, packed in the cab on the left and right side of the bridge.

In front of the boat within the respective side of the ship to the arc of the horizon 22.5 ° abaft the uninterrupted display of red and green light, visibility distance 1-3 nautical miles.

Taillight: installed in the stern, in a 135 ° arc of the horizon after a positive display of uninterrupted white light, visibility distance of 2 to 3 nautical miles.

Signal lights indicates the state in which the ship or provide a language class lights lamps. There are round lights, anchor lights, flash and flash and other communications.

Round lights: to show uninterrupted white, red, green or yellow light, visibility distance of 2 to 3 nautical miles within 360 ° horizontal arc.

Anchoring Light: A vessel at anchor, hanging from sunset to sunrise at the bow and stern can best be seen at the two white light lamp.

Flash lights: side mounted above the lamp, when the ship turned around to make, according to a predetermined time interval emit red or green illuminated ring lights.