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Attention to the use of solar energy

May 12, 2016

Conventional aviation obstruction lighting design is assumed that the sky is cloudy, without regard to direct sunlight, so that lighting design simple calculation of changeable lighting instability caused by sunlight, heat, glare and other problems are avoided out. With the development of science and technology in particular the impact of energy, people and average sunny sky lighting design and calculation of a number of studies and preliminary design proposes a method utilizing sunny lighting lighting design calculation methods, thus saving the economy and played an important role.

Xi'an Greenwood New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of a variety of solar lights, lighting for high building also has a corresponding product, that is:Solar Aviation Obstruction Light and this solar lights work and mode of operation is very simple, as it can be during the day the use of solar charging and automatically shut down, or at night when lighting is automatically turned on and working. So, over the years, this solar lights in high-demand applications and architectural aspect is increasing every year.