HAN-UD89-6W Underwater Led Light

HAN-UD89-6W Underwater Led Light
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Product Features:  

1. Super rate high power LED which is encapsulated by high efficiency and latest heated-conducting structure.

2. First-class stainless steel shell has excellent corrosion-proof, makes the lights to use in sea water freely.

3.High luminous efficiency, life span reach 50000 hours

4.Widely working current range. Lower electric consumption.

5.Waterproof, shake-proof, energy-saving, environment-friendly.

6. Easy to installation. 




1.These underwater led marine lights are designed to mounted to your boats. Use high power LED on marine to show sea creatures at night, floodlight to show off the outline of the boat, the illuminative light as new fashion illumination.

Light up the water behind your baot with these super bright high quality underwater led lights. Amazing look, Attract marine life, wakeboard on illuminated water.

2.These lights also good for docks, ponds, swimming pools, fountains or any other underwater lighting application. 

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